Play Group

pic_typorgaphyOur playgroup programme focuses on developing toddler’s absorbent mind, physical co-ordination and gross motor skills by offering hands on learning. Each child’s unique personality is developed while emphasizing individuality on the one hand and a feeling of belonging on the other. As the child grows it focuses on developing fine motor skills and creativity skills to make toddler ready for stepping into academic and extra-curricular activities.

  • Age Group: 1.6 – 2.6 Years
  • Duration: 2.30 hours per day
  • Days: Monday to Friday

Our play group programme is based on Thematic teaching for the development of Language, Expressions, Self-help, Good manners and Creativity. Children will join their peer group, forming various social interactions and they will also develop sensitivity, awareness and empathy as well as moral values and social integrity. There were many classroom materials like puzzles, books, large muscle equipments, sensorial equipment. Outdoor environment provides free play, riding toys and many more activities.


goal is to see a happy, secure child who is strong in body, mind, spirit and communication.

Key Areas of Development

  • Building communication skills
  • Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills
  • Enhanced life skills and language skills
  • Spoken language
  • English Readiness Programme(ERP)
  • Learning by exploration
  • Progressive Phonics Programme
  • Rhythm and movement
  • Counting skills
  • Expressions of creativity