pic_typorgaphyChildren are prompted to play in a wide range of playing experiences includes exercises of practical life that not only helps them to perform daily life activities independently but also gain control of movement – folding, poring, rolling, sorting etc. by using scientifically designed materials. Language activities such as phonics & writing skills like use of moveable alphabets are introduced to children through hands-on process. Arithmetic activities introduce fun of counting, concepts of numbers and understanding the relationship between number names and quantities. Sensorial activities allow children to see, touch and feel various properties of matter.

  • Age Group: 2.6 – 3.6 Years
  • Duration: 2.30 hours per day
  • Days: Monday to Friday

Children learn to creatively express themselves in a variety of ways; preschool provides them with the space to experience movement and develop their self confidence and sense of competence and control. Classroom activities start with colouring worksheet, patterning skills, joining dotted lines etc. for the development of fine motor skills. Children participate in thematic activities through story - telling and role plays. Digital smart class activities develop general awareness of age appropriate concepts of science and environment through class interaction by teacher. Outdoor Playtime is a big attraction for kids. It is important for this first confront to be a constructive experience for children and their family, establishing a sense of trust and confidence that will accompany them from preschool throughout the whole school system.


goal is to see a happy, secure child who is strong in body, mind, spirit and communication.

Key Areas of Development

  • Building communication skills
  • Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills
  • Maths and numbers
  • Pre writing skills (Alphabets & Numbers)
  • Global best practices
  • English Readiness Programme (ERP)
  • Learning by exploration
  • Progressive Phonics Programme
  • Enhanced life skills & language skills
  • Expressions of creativity