pic_typorgaphyThe continuous educational process in the school system places particular emphasis on the children’s individual personality. Our program is to prepare children to perform age appropriate academic and extra-curricular activities. Classroom activities start with strengthening colouring worksheet, patterning skills, joining dotted lines etc, for the refinement of fine motor skills of writing. This group performs extensive activities include not only refinement of Exercises of Practical Life but also perform various activities on Arithmetic, Language, Sensorial and Science. Children learn to creatively express themselves in a variety of ways; preschool provides them with the space to experience movement and develop their self confidence and sense of competence and control. Interactive digital smart class activities make learning enjoyable for the children.

  • Age Group: 3.6 – 4.6 Years

goal is to see a happy, secure child who is strong in body, mind, spirit and communication.

Key Areas of Development

  • Building communication skills
  • Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Progressive Phonics Programme
  • Maths concepts of numbers and quantities
  • English Readiness Programme (ERP)
  • Science and culture
  • Music and movement
  • Enhanced life skills and language skills
  • Expressions of creativity